Winning Blackjack Tips

Winning Blackjack Tips

To win more in online blackjack we should not avoid using effective blackjack tips. We have collected the most effective ones to help you achieve great results.Learn more about the best of them in our article.

Roulette Hints

Find out more on winning at roulette at our article dedicated to most useful roulette hints.

Make good use of the information on gambling casino tips you find in this article to improve your gaming odds.

Card Counting Systems - Legal Cheating

The card counting systems (methods / techniques) present a mathematically approved and based system of cards traces memorizing.

In order for you to understand the card counting systems mechanics more clearly and specifically, let's consider the following example of blackjack cheat (as the CCS use is banned in all casinos, but stay legal according to law).

You are a blackjack player participating in the tournament for 3 players + a dealer with cards dealt face-up. If you are aiming to determine the card counting process and become a card counter then you should:

  • Each round memorize values of cards were dealt to players and the dealer cards too;
  • In accordance with a card counting system you use - label each card value with corresponding count rate (+1, 0, -1 usually);
  • Provide a count of cards which enter the discard pile in order to figure out the quality of cards which are still in the deck;
  • Follow the count which is either negative (many big-value cards entered the discard pile) or positive (many small-value cards entered the discard pile and the majority of big ones were still in the deck) and act correspondingly to this info.

In fact, the positive count means the more chances for a dealer to get a big value card and go bust and the more chances for a player to hit a blackjack combination. Thus you play more aggressively during the positive count and act more cautious during the negative calculation.

Add this recommendations to you tips for blackjack list no doubt.

Card Counting Systems Practicing

In case you are going to cheat and use card counting systems in land casinos - you must practice this technique hard.

It's better for you to start with first-level systems such as Hi-Lo or KO (google them). They are very simple and still effective. Understand the card counting principles more clear via these systems.

It's crucial to know that card counting systems is only used in liaison with basic blackjack strategy charts. So refresh your skills in strategy matters and only then proceed to card counting systems practicing.

Card Counting Systems Legacy

Why card counting is considered to be the legal cheating? Because the law has no restrictions for its use.

The counting systems usage is banned by casino actually. As gambling establishments possess the private property rights - so they have a full right to send out any unsuitable person who breaks casino inner rules.

And be sure - the card counter is actually that person.

Slot Myths: The Truth Worth Weight in Gold

Slot Myths: The Truth Worth Weight in Gold

Nonetheless you might be an old slots player, you may still find out you are using one of the unproven winning slots strategies.

You may see people using these "strategies" anywhere around the world: UK online casino, US casino etc.

Most of such strategies are called slot myths. To avoid using such wrond tactics and to change for winning ones read this article.

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