Winning Blackjack Tips

Winning Blackjack Tips

To win more in online blackjack we should not avoid using effective blackjack tips. We have collected the most effective ones to help you achieve great results.Learn more about the best of them in our article.

Roulette Hints

Find out more on winning at roulette at our article dedicated to most useful roulette hints.

Make good use of the information on gambling casino tips you find in this article to improve your gaming odds.

Blackjack Betting Systems by Examples

Tired of being a blackjack newbie and want to get closer to card game pros? Then the blackjack betting issue is a key task to master. There is much more than random throwing of chips in blackjack gameplay.

Use the gamers experience and get acquainted with the most interesting blackjack betting systems. In fact, it's absolutely legal and won't be interpret as blackjack cheats issue.

All blackjack betting systems are designed to aid your blackjack gameplay and use betting procedure as a strategy of proven and helpful actions.

It is stated that the best blackjack betting strategy is the complex usage of card counting systems (which is banned at the casinos by the way) and bets management in accordance with the count rate.

Now let's consider some of the most popular blackjack betting systems by examples.

Paroli System for Blackjack Betting

The blackjack betting system under consideration is a positive progression strategy. According to Paroli betting system you follow the next procedures:

  • Start and bet 1 unit
  • If you win → increase a bet.

The overall blackjack betting plan is obligatory to formulate before you start playing. Thus you need to mark the stopping point of betting increase process.

E.g. you use Paroli system and bet $4 as a first stake. You win? Then the next bet is going to be $8. You are lucky again? $16 bet is coming. You decided this bet amount to be the stopping point? Then the next placed bet is 4 bucks again.

Paroli system for blackjack betting is considered to be the most stable strategy.

Martingale System for Blackjack Betting

The next blackjack betting system features the opposite mechanics of employment. Martingale strategy issues are the simplest ones and the oldest as well. It presents a negative type of betting progression and usually used for even money type of bets.

The system mechanics is the following:

  • You start with 1 unit betting;
  • You win → you bet 1 unit again;
  • You lose → you double your bet;
  • You continue to double you bet each time you lose up to a winning hit;
  • You proceed with 1 unit betting again after win.

This tips for blackjack helpful item is stated to be a risky strategy for sure. Plus you must have a large bankroll to follow the Martingale procedures.

In fact, the max limitation for blackjack betting employed by some casinos - make this strategy useless and ineffective.

Slot Myths: The Truth Worth Weight in Gold

Slot Myths: The Truth Worth Weight in Gold

Nonetheless you might be an old slots player, you may still find out you are using one of the unproven winning slots strategies.

You may see people using these "strategies" anywhere around the world: UK online casino, US casino etc.

Most of such strategies are called slot myths. To avoid using such wrond tactics and to change for winning ones read this article.

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